Temporary Power Generator Packages for All Environments

Keep the Power Flowing, Wherever You Operate

Working in remote or hazardous locations brings additional challenges to any operation. Having the right power generation package is a must.

Not every business has the luxury of being able to conduct its work from the comfort of an office or a custom-made facility. For those of us who work out in the field, in all weathers and sometimes in difficult terrains, the environment can create a whole host of extra challenges and risks, particularly at this time of the year.

At Templant, we understand that keeping the power flowing whatever the weather or the environmental conditions is paramount, both to get the job done and to keep personnel as safe and comfortable as possible. Our generator hire services encompass a range of solutions of every size and scale imaginable. If you can’t find it at Templant, you probably won’t find it anywhere, so let’s take a look at what is available.

What size do you need?

Our generators range in size from compact13kVA units, which produce 11KW, right up to the 1250kVA generator that is the size of a small shipping container an generates a megawatt of power. The size of generator you need will, of course, depend on the usage demands and this article provides some useful tips on how you can work that out. As a general guide, however, 11KW will ordinarily be sufficient for field work in which light industrial tasks are undertaken using everyday power tools. If you are likely to be using several power-intensive tools, such as circular saws, consider going up a step to the 20kVA 16KW unit to be on the safe side.

For larger operations involving more people and extensive facilities such as lighting, air conditioning, cooking and so on, you might need anything up to one megawatt of power. It all depends on the overall scale, but if in doubt, don’t be shy about getting in touch for some expert advice.

It is not just the power output that should inform your decision. If the generator is going to be in constant use, the last thing you need to be doing is worrying about topping it up with fuel every few hours. In this case, it might be worth your while to go with a larger generator. That way, you know it is more than capable of meeting your needs and you can take advantage of the larger fuel tank capacity.

What else do you need?

The right generator is a core component of your power infrastructure out in the field, but there are other things to take into account too. For longer-term operations you might also need, transformers, distribution panels, lighting and various other types of equipment. Templant can supply all these things and more, as part of a holistic power generation package. We even have a variety of portable fuel tanks ranging in capacity from 1,000 to 3,000 litres.

Wherever your business takes you, and whatever challenges the working environment might present, make sure you have the power generation package that is right for your needs.

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