The complete list of directional drilling companies

The concept of directional drilling comes into picture only when we talk about wells, any kind of well. It is an important concept that will enable efficient planning of water distribution. We have should how the words’ directional drilling’ are put into practical use to understand the services provided by the directional drilling companies.

Directional drilling is the practice in which it controls the deviations and direction of a wellbore to a predetermined underground location.

These companies aid in using the advantages provided by this concept. Some of the advantages are:

It can reach inaccessible surface locations.

More than one well for a single location.

A well can be connected to multiple locations.

River crossing applications.

Here are some advantages of Horizontal Directional drilling:-

Here’s the list of directional drilling companies that offer services based on the above applications.


A Canada based company that manufactures and supplies down-hole tools. This company was established in 1969. They have good experience in complex drilling projects. They have also dealt with crucial oil and gas operations.


Along with its group of companies, NOV has been providing advanced equipment and technical expertise. It is known in almost all areas of drilling and production.


Established in the year 2003, they lead to innovative measurement while drilling. Measurements are an integral part of any construction. It needs to be accurate. They have revolutionized the directional drilling industry.


An Indian company based in Gurgaon. They offer end-to-end services. Their services include geophysical data acquisition, a production facility that can be customized according to requirements, etc.


Leading provider of accuracy for oil and gas operations in the world.

The company’s gyroscopic wellbore surveying, logging, and directional drilling technologies are designed and manufactured in-house.


It has expertise in Directional Drilling, Measurement-While-Drilling, and Logging-While-Drilling operations and Fishing Services. This is a UK based company.

They offer cost-effective drilling and solutions and a wide range of well placement technology.


An Australian company providing trenchless underground pipe laying services for water, gas, power, and communication.


LLC is a company based in the States. They offer automated drilling services.

This Technology is originally developed by Noble Drilling. Slider, LLC has a worldwide exclusive license to the technology.


A Vietnamese company that deals with high precision components for the oil service industry. They focus on non-magnetic drilling components for directional drilling. They also deal with the manufacturing of equipment and full-scale repair, etc.


A Malaysian company that offers consultation and engineering services. An individually managed company that offers innovative engineering solutions and project management solutions.

They have made their way into the industry and provide solutions across a board manufacturing and industrial base.

These are a small number of companies that offer directional drilling end-to-end services and solutions from different places of our planet. This industry is very important to stay connected and transport gas, oil, water, and information throughout. A well-planned underground structure in the cities will reduce various confusions. This industry is just as important as any other. Their services are often required to implement various ideas and structured planning for anything new on the planet.

Thus, many companies from the industry shall help you through the required services and equipment.

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