The Types of Metal Cutting Machines

Metals are a core material for thousands of different types of products and hundreds of industries around the world. They are used in everything from autos to toys and their use continues to grow. Science continues to develop more exoticmetals that have a wider variety of uses allowing for better and more effective and efficient products to be created.

Because metals have become harder and more difficult to manage when making products, one essential component in industry today is an ability to cut metals. There is an industry that creates specialised machines that can cut through today’s metals and help them to be shaped into whatever configuration is needed.

Here is a list of the most widely used professional metal cutting machines.

Waterjet Cutters

Waterjet cutting machines are used regularly to cut softer metals because they are lower cost and make precision cuts in metals. They utilise a high-pressure stream of water to cut through metal. For harder metals abrasive materials are added to the water stream. Friction and het get created because of the speed of the water stream and waterjets can make quick work of softer metals and many other materials.

FiberLaser Cutters

For more than forty years the use of laser cutting machines has grown to the point that it is now an industry standard tool for cutting sheet and plate steel. Fiber laser cutters are the newest versions of laser cutters and have perfected the use of high intensity light to cut hard metals. This precision type of cutter uses a variety of laser types in a tightly focused light beam to burn, melt or vaporise material quickly and cleanly. Companies today can buy many different sized laser cutters with a variety of different intensity and types of lasers. Depending on the specific job for the laser one will serve better than another.

Selecting this type of fiber laser cutting machine is done because of the speed and quality of the cut it offers. They are ideal for cutting metals with non-reflective surfaces delivering precision cuts and the best quality finishes of all cutting machines.

Laser cutters have replaced the older CO2 machines which were slower and required lots of maintenance. These newer types of machines are always computer controlled and have additional safety features. They are also much less prone to breakdowns saving owners considerably in maintenance costs.

Plasma Cutters

There are some cutters that can be used for a wide variety of jobs, but plasma cutting machinesare used for specific jobs that include cutting through electrically conductive materials. They work using a jet of hot plasma that is directed as a plasma torch and aimed at the material.

Plasma cutting can cut through a wide variety of metals including brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and many other conductive metals. Plasma cutters operate at high speed and are low cost cutting options. They do not have the same precision as laser cutters, but because of their low cost and speed, they are utilized by many different industries ranging from salvage to construction to auto repair. They also come in various sizes making them popular with large factories and small businesses as well.

Depending on your needs, each of these cutter options is ideal.

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