What is a Microfiber and how does it work?

Wonders of science never seem to amaze us, from the very beginning of the civilization. Science has always been with us at all times. Newer avenues for the creation of newer technologies have enabled us in understanding the world around us. Science has been like that magical wand which could construct a castle in the blink of an eye.

It is a popular saying that size matters, or the bigger you become the better, but as far as technology is concerned, it never discriminates between any scale. Some very influential inventions have seen both the likes of colossal as well as microscopic sizes.

For example, the very first computer was larger than a big hall, and at the same time the invention of life saving drugs was a step towards curing the ailments on a microscopic scale. It is true that technology never discriminates, from the past few decades we have been living alongside with newer and better inventions which have brought a change to the pace of life.

Times have changed and so has the human time table, gone are the days when people used to have leisure time to spend. Things have become more hectic than ever therefore the best course of action often becomes the fastest way of doing or completing that task at hand. Since everyone wants quick results therefore science worked on this problem and gave us some of the fastest things which serve us different purposes. One such invention is nimble yet very effective, and it surely explains the point of having a smaller but an effective weapon against the oncoming hurdles.


Before we get into the technicalities of how a microfiber works, let us know what a microfiber is first of all. A microfiber is one such material which is composed of the fusion of two or more different polymers and then splitting them in order to obtain the smallest fiber which can take up some really dirty work with ease. Usually microfibers are made up of polyesters, polyamides or in some cases nylon.

The working

Australian based cleaning equipment company Tiddox have said that microfibers usually work as cleaners for some heavy-duty work. Because of the smaller fibers, the removal of grease spots as well as dirt becomes easier as compared to regular fibers. A microfiber actually absorbs the excess moisture or dirt which is present on a given surface and usually releases them when given a light stroke. This allows the surface to be cleaned with much less effort and ease. With a network of densely packed fibers, the cleaning cloth usually made up of such fiber’s remover the dirt and grease by contacting them from a much sharper area of cross-section. This enables the easy removal of dirt, oil and other marks which have been left due to some reason.


Benefits of microfibers

Microfibers provide us with a wider range of help regarding the removal of stains from different surfaces, some of these can be listed below: –

  1. Less bulky: The common microfiber strand is actually 10-20 times smaller than a regular cotton strand, therefore you can understand the difference in between these two fibers. The microfiber weighs lesser as well creating materials having lesser weight than the normal cotton or other blend tailored material.
  2. Removes dirt differently: The major factor which differentiates the microfiber from other fibers is that it removes the dirt by pushing it away rather than collecting it on the surface. This enables the cleaning of dirt related surfaces more effective and easier. On the other hand, a regular duster made of the normal fabric would absorb the dirt and on excess pressure would release the same dirt over the whole cleaning area making the surface look a bit turbid even after cleaning.
  3. Works with oil as well: The benefits of using microfiber don’t just end there, microfibers are also capable of handling oil stains with the same efficiency as dirt. The smaller dimensions of the fabric enable the removal of finer oil particles hence making the work way easier than working upon the regular ones.
  4. No moisture needed: While working on different surfaces, it is an important factor that you get rid of the moisture related components as efficiently as possible because moisture often gives rise to more dirt stinking at the same place again and again. By using microfibers, you can easily get rid of the moisture because the finely tailored cross section in between the strands of the fabric even moves the smallest of the smallest particles.
  5. Eliminates the usage of chemicals: The usage of chemicals often leads to the degradation of the surface. Hence, we often use hard chemicals in order to clean up some strong stains. By using the microfiber however, things can easily turn into your favor, the usage of chemicals can be reduced to a greater extent. Using strong acids can really harm your hands as well as the surface, therefore the usage of microfibers can alter the ways with which one can do the cleaning work.

Since technology has enabled us to see the different avenues therefore, we can construct different necessary things out of the simplest of the simplest things. Always remember the fact that technology never discriminates, therefore you should be thankful to the different ways by which technology has changed the lives of us mere humans for the greater good.          

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